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A will is a document in which you decide who should manage your estate after your death and who should inherit your assets. A will allows you to name guardians for your minor children should you be unable to care for them. Without a will, a Los Angeles Probate Court Judge will determine these matters.

Each of the estate plan packages at Best Coast Estate Law include a will.

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Our team specializes in simplifying the estate-planning process so you and your loved ones can feel certain about every decision. Start with this overview, and then book a consultation when you’re ready to talk more.
A legal document created by you, the “Testator,” that sets forth your wishes regarding distribution of your assets and guardianship of any minor children. A will takes effect at the death of the Testator and may be revoked or amended at any time before the Testator’s death. The Testator selects an “Executor” to administer the estate after the Testator’s death and distribute assets to the “Beneficiaries”.
No. A will requires the Testator’s assets be administered by the county Probate Court, and after publishing in the paper, notifying creditors and paying court and attorney fees, the estate is distributed among the Beneficiaries of the will. Wills are made public. You need a trust to avoid Probate Court.

If a person creates a living trust, they typically also create a “pour over will” which “pours over” assets to the trust at his or her death.
Anyone who wishes to control distribution of his or her property after death and anyone who wishes to nominate guardians for minor children needs a will. Without a will, the probate court will almost always distribute property according to the California Probate Code. Without a will, the probate court will nominate guardians who will have legal custody of minor children.
Many Californians name friends to be their Executor, there is no requirement to name family. Your Executor should be someone you implicitly trust to follow your wishes. If you do not have a family member or friend that is appropriate for this role you may consider a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. This may be a fiduciary in private practice or a corporate fiduciary like your investment bank. At Best Coast Estate Law we always walk our clients through these touch decisions.

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The BCLG was instrumental in helping us set up a family trust. Brittany is generous with her knowledge, her time and is deeply passionate about helping her clients protect themselves and future generations from going into probate. Highly highly recommend working with her and her incredible team.
I highly recommend Britton Law Group. I called for a consultation and spoke to Lisa. She's got a heart of gold. She was so honest that after explanation my...
Very helpful and informative
Do your loved ones a favor and work with Brittany Britton to get your affairs in order before it's too late. She is super personable and makes everything so...
5 stars is not enough praise! We are totally satisfied with every aspect of the estate plan Brittany (Brittion Law Group) prepared for us (A family Trust; Certificate of Trust; “Pour over” Wills; Durable Power of Attorney; Advance Health Care Directive, Deeding our house to the trust; etc). We are especially pleased that everything was tailor-made to our specific circumstances. The legal advice/service provided was expert and the documents are flawless. She and her team are quite pleasant to work with, efficient, patient, ethical, and detail oriented experts. We did everything by email, internet, Zoom, telephone and mail – we never left home! (Totally Covid safe). Traveling notary came to our home for signatures during a Zoom session with Brittany. All fees are reasonable, fair, fully worth it for the high-quality service and product you get and fees are fully transparent. Other law firms I considered did not disclose fees in advance. I understand why she has so many five star reviews and no complaints.Important regarding Estate Planning, Trusts and Wills – in my view, never DIY (“Do It Yourself)! Before selecting Britton Law Group, I was in a DIY mode. As a retired aerospace engineer I thought it would be easy to DIY. I read about four detailed books on Estate Planning, Trusts and Wills. I read a lot on the internet via Google. I even downloaded some DIY forms thinking I could just fill in the blanks. Wrong! And some internet sites offer to download/sell and even help you fill in the “one-size-fits-all” boilerplate blank forms – A bad idea in my view. Any estate plan must be tailor made to your specific situation. There are just too many things to consider for you to do this without an attorney specializing in estate planning paying specific attention to all the details. So I began a methodical review of law firms with websites specializing in estate planning and trusts, and created a pro/con evaluation. That’s how I arrived Britton Law Group. Happy I did. Thanks Brittany and team.
A year ago, my husband suddenly passed away. I needed a local law group to help me since he left no will or living trust. Brittany and Lisa were very...

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