A foundational part of the mission I had in mind when I started Britton Law Group was making legal services more accessible. Justice itself is dependent upon everyone having equal access to our legal system. We do this by offering exceptional, top-tier Estate Planning, Trust Administration, and Probate Services at accessible rates. An essential function of our estate planning practice is making sure that upon death, our client’s assets are protected in a trust to avoid the lengthy and costly process of going through probate court. Often, those who can least afford to have a loved one’s estate end up in probate court that find themselves there due to their loved one being unable to afford an estate planning attorney. As a lawyer and a member of the California Bar, I feel responsible for the equal implementation of the law, and I am constantly thinking of ways to ameliorate this inequity.

There are so many ways the law is a necessary tool for improving people’s lives, and many cannot afford to hire counsel. For this reason, I want to highlight the work of Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County. NLSLA is a nonprofit organization that brings free legal services to over 150,000 families and individuals per year, “through innovative projects that expand access to justice and address the most critical needs of people living in poverty throughout Los Angeles.” NLSLA provides services across a wide range of areas, including housing, healthcare, domestic violence, access to public benefits, workers’ rights, and criminal record clearing relief. In addition to four offices, they have a presence in hospitals and medical clinics, and courthouses throughout Los Angeles County.

If you know someone who could benefit from their services, or if you can donate to support the great work of Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, I am linking to their website below.

Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County

Happy Planning!