The kids are back to school. Homerooms chosen, emergency contact forms completed, lockers set up and pencils sharpened just-so. But have you done your estate plan homework?

This year, plan ahead for your kids. Sitting down with an experienced estate planning attorney will open your eyes to how easy it can be to plan ahead for your family. The key is to do it before you have to. Don’t wait until someone is sick or until you experience a difficult probate. Do it today.

While the kids are back in school, work with an estate planning attorney on planning your will and trust, and planning for incapacity. You can make decisions about who will care for your children if you are incapacitated or pass away. You can select who will take care of finances and medical decisions, and whether your children should stay in your family home or move with relatives.

This fall, show your children that Mom and Dad do their homework too!

Happy Planning!